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Should I Work with an Agent?

When For Sale By Owners decide to market their property they are often approached by real estate agents about listing their home with an experienced real estate agent. Which leads the home owner to decide—is listing with an agent right for me? The biggest factor that causes FSBOs to list with an agent is the agent themselves. When they meet the right one they just know. Others of course never meet the right one—just ALL the wrong ones—and continue to sell the home themselves. If you are approached during or after your open house about listing with an agent, here are a list of questions that will help you determine whether they are right for you:

1. How can you help me find the right home? If the agent is worth their salt (and commission!) they will have intimate knowledge of their local real estate market—and will be able to easily prove it. They should know about many of the houses in your price range and be able to immediately steer you away from the real lemons on the market. They should be able to tell you based on your requirements which neighbourhoods will be ideal for you and which ones aren’t quite right for you.

2. What advice would you offer us based on our needs and circumstances? A savvy agent will understand that each family’s unique set of needs is different, and will be well-accustomed to catering towards each client.

3. Why should I work with you? This is a question they hear time and time again—and have a great rehearsed answer for. To tell whether they are giving you a canned answer or one catered towards your needs specifically. Look to see whether use references to your situation and actionable solutions.

4. How much time can you commit to me? While everyone wants a successful agent, you still want them to be able to commit the time needed to sell your house and to answer all your questions. Ask the what days of the week and time of the day they are available. Ask them the steps they will take to sell your house and what they will do step by step.

5. What makes your service special? Buyers think agents are a dime a dozen—and some are—but ask them what makes them unique in their business. Their answer may surprise and impress you.

6. Can I review your documents? Before you sign ask them if you can review their documents even before you make your decision to sign with them. If they are hiding something they will say no or divert the subject.

7. Are you a full-time or part-time agent?This question goes hand in hand with how much time they can commit to you. If they are a part time agent and have another job then their hours may vary. If they are part time but don’t have another job then time may not be an issue.

How to Proceed After you’ve asked the agent(s) the questions above you should have a good feeling about whether the agent is for you or not, and whether you’d rather continue to do the work yourself. After the line of questioning ask yourself these questions:
– Did they make you feel comfortable and at ease?
–Would you be able to ask them the tough questions throughout the sale of your home?
–Were they realistic about selling your home?
–Did they seem honest about themselves and their abilities?
–Did they seem knowledgeable about the area and the business?
–Were you guys on the same page?
–Did they tell you the hard facts about your home and your circumstances instead of telling you what you want to hear?

Having said all that—your best bet is to simply give me a call!


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