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Financing: Mortgages, Affordability and Financial Planning

Financing a home is an often-convoluted process—but with my help, and the help of my team of financing professionals, we’ll successfully navigate the process.

I highly recommend the mortgage broker that I have added to my team of service providers, because a good mortgage broker is literally worth their weight in gold. They can keep you from overspending with your budget, while keeping your costs down overtime by suggesting the right mortgage contracts and amortization periods for you.

An excellent mortgage broker will help you with the following:

  • Choosing the mortgage amount that you can safely afford, over the long-term.
  • Help you plan for future real estate growth to suit your changing lifestyle.
  • Negotiate you a better interest rate due to the collective-buying power they generate.
  • Find you an amortization plan that will ensure you pay down as much principal and as little interest as possible.
  • Guide you on the right length of term to choose to secure you the best interest rates.
  • Will advise you on the benefits of a larger down payment.
  • They will pre-approve you for a loan so that you can begin scouting homes in your area.
  • They will advise of prepayment possibilities, possible penalties, mortgage portability,
  • As I said, a mortgage broker is worth their weight in gold—however know that they aren’t all the same. For the best of the best in our city—ask me for my mortgage-broker recommendations.

In addition to mortgage brokers, you will want access to my network of other vendors and service providers, including:

  • Sales representation (me!)
  • Real-estate lawyer or notary
  • Home inspectors
  • Moving companies
  • Contractors
  • Other lenders
  • Insurance broker(s)
  • When you sign with me, you have access to a solid network with a proven track record of success—which is just yet another reason to make me your agent.


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